Saturday, May 23, 2009

St. Thomas Graduation

I'm on a blackberry so excuse my mistakes. It is really hot and we are all packed onto the football field. Many people including my family got here early to see their children (in my case my brother) graduate! This family sitting in front of us got here extra early to save seats for the rest of their family that was yet to come. Nobody had an issue with this being the wide aray of seats available. So here comes a group of about six people thinking their shit doesn't stink and sit in the center of these saved seats! The man calmly asked if they could move or at least scoot to the edge so his family could sit near them! This family continued to piss, bitch and moan about how they wanted these seats! I tell ya some people really don't deserve the respect they think they are entitled to. You're at a graduation but they insist on bringing their ghetto side to what should be such a happy event. Later on this seat theif dropped her coat, I kindly picked it up as it was out of her reach and handed it to her, she didn't even look at me let alone thank me for going out of my way to pick up her magenta garage sale sweater. I would like to know who the hell died and made you and the rest of your family royalty. I just don't understand common courtesy is an unwriten rule that most americans follow... These people must not have gotten the message. Not to mention their dumb son's phone continued to go off throughout the national anthem and the ceremony!! He didn't even bother to put the damn thing on silent or at least vibrate! What a bunch of absolute fools... I just can't imagine how their graduate son got into a school like this. I'm sure they didn't pay for him to go here, they're not very affluent or courteous and they didn't even wait to leave when the ceremony was done they left after their shit-head sons name was called. I'm not surprised one bit, they aren't helping their cause. Let's hope their son used this education to NOT follow in his family's footsteps!

Monday, May 18, 2009

One Crazy Summer

I'm a bit late on this one but I mean it all the same. The school year has come to a close and summer has began with work and life trying to fight for my attention. I am big on looking to the future and always planning ahead, it's how I get through my day, always planning my next step. Many ideas have come to my mind for this summer.

First on my list is Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. My good friend Rob Zarske and I are planning on attending this momentous concert in its final weekend. The lineup is going to be crazy ranging from No Doubt, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, The Fray, Jack's Mannequin and much much more. I really can't let something like this pass me up.

Second is Warped Tour in Shakoppee, MN! Last year I worked this music fest doing promotional work for the new Kia Soul! It was really easy, fun work and I was able to see many of my favorite bands FOR FREE!! I'm hoping that I will be able to work there this summer again, if not i'll just have to pay to go!!

The third thing on my list of summer events is taking a chartered flight to Winnipeg, MB Canada! Rob and I are plannig on going to visit our long missed friend Mamie, who just so happens to live just about a mile from the boarder! Why Canada you ask... I'm not legal in the states... yet! What a great way to end the summer and kick off the school year with a little partying Canadian Style. In my Junior year of high school I took an aviation class, on the final class day I got to co-pilot a flight from Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie to Le Sueur Municipal Airport! Ever since that extraordinary experience I've always wanted to get back up in the air. That is something about me... I LOVE TO FLY! Go to this link and SIGN YOURSELF UP!!! It was definitely one of the top experiences of my life so far!

The fourth on my list is moving into my apartment!! (Which is happeing June 1st) I have mixed emotions about it, I cant really explain why, I always get nervous about new things that I am a little unsure about! I believe I have everything in order for it, even though my landlady wont let me grill. (the nerve) Either way it will be fun and I am looking forward to this next step. Also, my 21st birthday is in October, so that is a HUGE plus!

The fifth and final thing on my summer to-do list is my book! Yes, you heard me right! I have started my first book. I am tossing around many different title ideas and can't seem to settle on one, hmmm. It's a memoir about my life so far and little pieces of my work from pictures to my writings! I cant wait to see how it all turns out! I guess I'm (soon to be) an author, who would've thought?!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Love/Hate Inspiration

Yesterday I was looking at my rival's blog (Kanye West). It's not that I don't like what he does, because I do like what he does... I just don't like HIM. He is so vein and high on his on medicine its sickening. However the man is a genius in more ways than one. His designs and music are all quit inspiring because they're so different. He definitely isnt afraid to take a leap into the unknown and put all his cards on the table. Kanye has an eye for fashion and music. Now, I'm no fashion guru, but his work is pretty insane. Thus a vision is born. Rob Zarske and myself will starting our own clothing company. So many labels look the same but very few push the envelope to new original ideas. This is where we come in. We know what we want to see and we know where we want to take our company. We have a vision and that vision is our brand. Our label is still in the works but a name was agreed upon. Due to a patent in progress we cant let you know the label name. So far we're just sticking to "Billy & Rob's Untitled Project". Being we are unable to share with you the vast amount of information we have, I figured I'd just see if you the consumers wanted to see anything in your attire that you are unable to find in the current market. More info to come...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I saw Star Trek... and I loved it! I have seen the old TV version with William Shatner (no offense Shatner) and I hated it! I thought it was so corny and just a heaping pile of horse shat. The silver screen version was a warp speed hit! I got into the theater late again which by the way really bothers me by the way, being how much I love the previews, sometimes even more than the actual movie. Anyway I thought the first little piece of the film was a bit of a joke. I even went as far as to plan my early escape and possibly a refund... I'm glad I stayed. As the film progressed I realized how awesome it actually was, from the casting to the chemistry to a little thing called computer graphics, which were out of this world... no pun intended. I really thought it would be a like it or hate it kind of movie. I liked it enough to buy it... maybe on blu-ray... maybe not. Either way I highly suggest you see it, if not for nostalgic reasons then for the sake of the visuals! I'm in no way a Star Trek nerd, but I almost want to start an action figure collection... maybe I'm getting carried away. But as you can tell, I really liked it! Also, watch out for these actors in the future, i sense some prosperous careers for some of them!